Es el ayudante y asistente personal de Montgomery Burns. On one occasion, Smithers is forced to go to Dr. Nick's "no questions asked clinic", having apparently put something in his butt which was now stuck there. However, upon Homer learning they were actually pizza vans and Burns had absolutely nothing to do with the vans at all, Smithers was ordered by Burns to release the hounds on him, and presumably fire him in the event Homer had been one of his employees. Burns selbst bezeichnet ihn als rückgratlosen Schleimer, was Smithers' Loyalität und Zuneigung aber keineswegs mindert. from sector 7G. Although normally not that bad a person he is obscenely loyal to Mr. Burns (to the point it is heavily implied he is gay) - although it is worth noting that Smithers is often the subject of abuse rather than malice on his own part: he is shown to have a jealous streak and can be rude and even physically violen… In some scenes, Smithers and Burns would watch Homer over a security camera Burns will ask, "Who is that man? Dort arbeitet er als persönlicher Assistent, Sekretär und Butler des Besitzers Charles Montgomery Burns. Unlike his implied grandson, however, it is heavily implied that these Smithers sailors were not homosexual, as Bart when interacting with them will sometimes yell "Your grandson's lifestyle will sicken you." [44], In the early seasons, Smithers has an occasional catchphrase, which comes from a recurring joke that Mr. Burns never remembers who Homer is. This drove him into a nightmare of alcohol abuse and Comedy Central viewing. Boston Herald; July 27, 2004, pg. Waylon Josephine Smithers Jr. (en Hispanoamérica Wuándulo Smithers algunas temporadas, luego Waylon Smithers Jr., Acasio Smithers o Cástulo Smithers) un personaje ficticio recurrente de la serie de televisión de dibujos animados Los Simpson. [34] The first appearance of yellow Smithers was "There's No Disgrace Like Home", the fourth episode of the first season. Mr. Smithers hatte seinen ersten Auftritt in der ersten Episode der ersten Staffel. Nutzung von Community-Inhalten gemäß. Smithers dreams about Mr. Burns in "Marge Gets a Job." [54], In a 2007 article, Entertainment Weekly named Smithers the sixteenth greatest sidekick of all time. As such, he also implies that he is a regular attendee at the annual StacyCon at San Diego in Airport Hilton with his statement of "Hello, Malibu Stacy Fans. Smithers appears during the Mob Rules level, where he is one of the members "recruited" into Marge's mob protest against Grand Theft Scratchy: Blood Island throughout the level. Sie ist die am längsten laufende US-Zeichentrick- und Primetimeserie. Allerdings hat Smithers Probleme in seiner neuen Beziehung, denn er ist immer noch auf Burns gestellt. Smithers was originally black with blue hair, as seen in. The Toronto Star: February 20, 2005, pg. The Simpsons Wrestling In The Simpsons Wrestling, Mr. Burns is one of the game's bosses, although Smithers does most of the fighting for him. [29] Smithers has been shown to be somewhat dependent on his relationship with Burns, like the occasion when Burns orders Smithers to take a vacation and Homer is hired as a temporary replacement. [18], Smithers has the largest collection of Malibu Stacy dolls in the World and is the president of the Malibu Stacy fan club. Smithers". During the Bill Oakley/Josh Weinstein era, they still tried to keep his sexuality difficult to pigeon-hole. He later appears as the bonus level character for the final level, "Flaming Tires." [Rather than being gay], he's sort of 'Burns-sexual'". Smithers began thinking of Mr. Burnsas his commander shortly after his birth. Al Jean, who thinks of Smithers as being a "Burns-sexual",[37] felt that had Mr. Burns been a woman, then Smithers would not be gay. [31] At age 50, he thawed out Mr. Burns and had his seventeen stab wounds to the back cured. In one, Burns appears flying through Smithers's bedroom window as a large predatory bird, or jumping out of a birthday cake and singing "Happy birthday, Mr. Smithers is Mr. Burns' deeply devoted personal assistant, executive, and self-proclaimed best friend. When Homer loses his temper and punches Burns in the face, Mr. Burns learns to become self-reliant and this results in Smithers being fired. Seine Aufgaben gehen jedoch weit über die eines Assistenten hinaus, so betreut er ihn auch Zuhause oder spielt für ihn den Chauffeur. It had to be trimmed down due to scenes that showed "Mr. Burns landing on a particular position on Smithers's anatomy". When sensing that he would soon lose, he opened his cape, revealed to be filled with explosives, cackling maniacally only to react in shock as he discovers that the explosives had activated, causing him to be caught in the explosions. *Achtung: Manche der oben angegebenen Links sind Affiliate-Links.
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